Please note that these terms and conditions apply to all products. As a result of acceptance of these terms and conditions, you confirm your understanding and compliance with our policy. If you disagree with our statements, you are advised not to use this website. LEGATO DESIGNS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE, MODEL AND UPDATE THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AT ANY please check these before making any purchase:


Products in stock will be delivered within 7 business days. Orders that are for custom items will be delivered within 34 business days. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, the product delivery date may change.

Cash on Delivery

Changes: Cash on delivery (COD) is available for amounts under BDT 50,000. Delivery charges to be paid with cash on delivery.

Terms of payment

In case of any order of more than BDT 1 lac, 75% of the amount needs to be paid in advance, If you place an order over BDT 1 lac, 75% of the amount needs to be paid in advance and the remaining 75% when the product is ready for delivery. Delivery charges to be paid with cash on delivery.


In addition to the total payment, VAT must be paid by the client. Customers will receive a VAT Challan.

Inventory holding cost

The customer must notify the company four (4) days prior to the planned delivery date if they decide to extend the delivery date. Such an extension must not be more than 14 days (2 weeks).

Replacement Guarantee

  • Please read our return & exchange policy: return-and-policy
  • Warranty

  • • The only warranties and guarantees provided by us with respect to any merchandise purchased by the customer are statutory warranties: those conditions, warranties and / or guarantees expressly set out herein. We are not responsible for: (a) fabric or leather shrinkage, deterioration, or staining due to any cleaning process or coating application; (b) durability or fading for any reason, including sunlight exposure; or (c) dye variations between sample swatches and completed merchandise. LEGATO DESIGNS DISCLAIMS ALL CONDITIONS, WARRANTIES, AND GUARANTES THAT ARE NOT EXPRESSLY SET FORTH HEREIN.
  • Membership

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  • Gift Card

  • Email LEGATO Designs eGift card to friends, family, or yourself! Buying an eGift card from LEGATO Designs is as fast as your online payment is and your purchased eGift card will be activated within 24 hours. For any assistance please contact us.